Lynx Cougar Hunting with Hounds

Lynx, Cougar & Winter Wolf Hunts

Winter Hunts

The lakes district is home to many species of predators.  Our predator season starts with an early winter hunt for cougar and lynx with hounds.  Because of low hunting pressure, this area has some big cougars.  Hunting success is great on this BC hound hunt.  

After Christmas we move into our late season lynx and wolf hunts through Jan and Feb.  The number of lynx in this area is extremely high and we have some secret systems in place that have produced 100% on beautiful cats over the years.   Combine that with some baiting action for a big canadian wolf and you have a winter trip to remember.  

Our new hunting lodge is a well set up home over looking Francois lake and provides the perfect base for a warm cozy adventure. 

On a limited basis we take a select few clients on our trapline adventure trips where we work our line for marten, fisher, lynx, beaver, wolves and wolverines. Clients can keep what we catch on this 7 day adventure.  

Hunting Package

8 Day Winter Hunts

Cougar 8 day Hunt $11,250
Cougar/Lynx 8 day Hunt $12,250
Lynx 8 day Hunt $6,250
Wolf 8 Day Hunt $6,250
Lynx & Wolf 8 Day Hunt $8,250
Trapline Adventures 8 Day Hunt $6,250

8 Days includes arrival and departure

cougar Lynx Hunting with Hounds

Early winter hunt for cougar/lynx with hounds.

Thanks for the wonderful time Lynx hunting. Brett, Riley, Jim and Dillon made me feel right at home. I enjoyed the stories as much as the hunt. I enjoyed being part of the copper river family. Thanks for teaching me how to snowmobile! And for the beautiful Lynx. – Beth Morrison

What a Winter Wonderland. “Feets of Snow Everywhere”. Dreamt of a lynx my whole life. We struggled with deep snow and heavy winter storms but when the skies cleared we had Success. Thanks to the hard work of the crew at Copper River.   – Ray Jong